Arsenal Newcastle memorable match 1-1 at halftime, 3-3 in 75′, 7-3 the final!

Encouraged from the stands of Thierry Henry, Arsenal managed a memorable match against Newcastle. Theo Walcott opened the ball at the Emirates, but Demba Ba’s goal as he scored pause to be equal. The second meant a festival of goals.

Oxlade-Chamberlain international youth and brought the Gunners the lead again. Newcastle’s reply was not immediate. Marveaux again achieved equality at the break.

OTHERS gate, Arsenal was again unstoppable. German Lukas Podolski was also responsible for the gap. Wenger’s band did not know how to conserve the lead, and Demba Ba finished off a perfect cross by Marveaux and tied the game at 3.

There was a quarter of an hour of play, at which time started Arsenal attacks after attacks on Tim Krul’s goal. Newcastle’s defense did not resist, and Walcott has been in double account. Placed on the ground in the second half, Frenchman Olivier Giroud struck decisively. In two minutes, Montpellier’s former striker scored twice.

The show was concluded by Theo gunners Wallcot and Arsenal-Newcastle ended with a neverosmil 7-3.