Newcastle Utd 1-2 Arsenal (21.03.2015) Live Commentary

We have seen a few chances and nice movements, but the overall impression of the game is rather common and not hugely entertaining. It was a very tight match, with not much between the two teams. Both sides tried to combine well and to keep the ball on their feet.
That is the end of the match.
Half-chance! Hector Bellerin (Arsenal) plays a pass into the box, but Tim Krul (Newcastle Utd) reacts well to thwart the attack.
4 additional min. will be played.
Arsene Wenger has decided to make a change. Hector Bellerin (Arsenal) replaces Danny Welbeck (Arsenal).
Here comes a substitution. Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle Utd) is given a rest as he is replaced by Adam Armstrong (Newcastle Utd).
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) swings in a cross from the corner, but David Ospina (Arsenal) reads it well and gathers the ball.
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) swings in the corner kick, but one of the defenders leaps into the air and clears the ball away with a header. The ball is out of bounds. A goal-scoring opportunity from a corner for Newcastle Utd.
Decent spell from Newcastle Utd here and they’re keeping the pressure on, until one of the defending players comes in. The main referee points to the corner flag, Newcastle Utd will take a corner.
Ayoze Perez (Newcastle Utd) latches on to a precise defence-splitting pass and fires a nice strike from a promising distance. David Ospina (Arsenal) has a clear vision and thwarts his effort, aimed towards the bottom left corner, with a comfortable save.
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) lifts the ball into the box from the corner, but one of the defending players gets there first to head it clear.
Remy Cabella (Newcastle Utd) didn’t find any of his teammates inside the box as his pass was blocked. Newcastle Utd win a corner.
The linesman’s flag has already been raised for offside when Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) headed on.
A cross from the side of the pitch flies into the box, but it doesn’t reach its intended target. Remy Cabella (Newcastle Utd) would have to aim better in order to get more out of it.
Nothing comes of the resulting corner from Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal). The defence is alert and manages to cut it out.
The Arsenal players are exchanging some short passes, and they control the game at the moment, but one of the defending players steps in and intercepts the effort. Arsenal force a corner. They send men into the box.
Danny Welbeck (Arsenal) is in a great chance inside the six-yard box, shoots low to the middle of the goal, but Tim Krul (Newcastle Utd) pulls off an exquisite save to deny him.
Jonas Gutierrez (Newcastle Utd) fails to pick a body out in the box with a over-hit chip pass.
Newcastle Utd hold the ball and are exchanging some long passes.
Remy Cabella (Newcastle Utd) tries his luck from the edge of the box after a brilliant solo effort, but it is well blocked by the defender.
The resulting corner from Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) is cleared by the defence.
Ayoze Perez (Newcastle Utd) collects a pass and finds himself in a good position to strike from the edge of the box, but his attempt is blocked. Newcastle Utd get a corner.
Jonas Gutierrez (Newcastle Utd) joins the action as a substitute, replacing Vurnon Anita (Newcastle Utd).
That’s the end of the game for Santi Cazorla (Arsenal), who is replaced by Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal).
Arsene Wenger has decided to introduce fresh legs, with Mathieu Flamini (Arsenal) replacing Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal).
The assistant referee raises his flag, and an attacking effort is stopped by the main referee’s whistle. Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) is the one, who got caught in the offside position.
Francis Coquelin (Arsenal) is able to continue to play.
It looked like a long-range shot, unleashed by Daryl Janmaat (Newcastle Utd), would end up inside the net, but the effort goes painfully wide of the right post. The goalkeeper was quite lucky this time.
Mike Williamson (Newcastle Utd) rises highest from the corner to head at goal, but his effort which is aimed to the left side of the goal is brilliantly denied by the goalkeeper.
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) steps up to send the ball in.
Francis Coquelin (Arsenal) is clearly asking for some medical attention with his painful gestures. How serious is his injury is yet to be found out.
Remy Cabella (Newcastle Utd) fails to send a pass into the box. His effort is cut out. Newcastle Utd force a corner. Their opponent will face another attacking threat.
Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) seems to be alright and is okay to carry on.
A break in play now as Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) needs to receive treatment.
Yoan Gouffran (Newcastle Utd) blows a clear opportunity to score a goal. He was one-on-one with David Ospina (Arsenal) inside the six-yard box and attempted to put the ball low into the middle of the target, but was denied with a great save.
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) takes the corner but fails to find any of his teammates.
The ball is cleared after Jack Colback (Newcastle Utd) attempted to dribble past an opposing player. The referee points to the corner flag. Newcastle Utd are given a corner.
Remy Cabella (Newcastle Utd) sends the ball into the box from the side of the pitch, but his cross is blocked.
Mike Jones interrupts the game. It was a tactical foul from Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal).
The corner from Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) is hurriedly cleared.
Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) can’t slip the ball through and the move breaks down. Now Arsenal with a corner.
Jack Colback (Newcastle Utd) is penalised for tripping, a poor challenge. Mike Jones, blowing his whistle for a foul, makes it clear he won’t tolerate such behaviour.
That was close. Ayoze Perez (Newcastle Utd) fires a shot from the edge of the box which goes by a whisker wide of the right post.
Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle Utd) creates for himself space inside the box, and he unleashes an unstoppable volley which goes inside the right post. What a hit that is!
Remy Cabella (Newcastle Utd) commits a minor foul and opponent’s attack is interrupted. He is warned by the referee that the next time he will not get away without a yellow card.
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) puts a cross into the box from the free kick, but the defender gets there first.
Calum Chambers (Arsenal) brings an opponent down and Mike Jones interrupts the game. Newcastle Utd win a free kick.
After the half-time break we are back again. The players are back out on the pitch, and the second half is underway.
We have seen a few chances and nice movements, but the overall impression of the game is rather common and not hugely entertaining. During the first 45 minutes, we have witnessed the ascendency of the visiting team which have been precise and effective. The home team is applying high pressure and leaving the opponents little space for combination. The away side attempts to hold onto the ball for as long as possible.
The match has reached half-time.
Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) is flagged for offside.
Flag goes up against Danny Welbeck (Arsenal). The referee blows the whistle for offside.
There will be a minimum of 2 min. of added time.
Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) takes the free kick but it is cleared by the first man.
Remy Cabella (Newcastle Utd) was trying to get to the ball but hit the legs of the opponent as well. Mike Jones blows the whistle for infingement. Arsenal have been awarded a free kick.
Nacho Monreal (Arsenal) serves in a nice cross, but the defence clear the danger.
The flag goes up and the referee blows his whistle – another offside by Ayoze Perez (Newcastle Utd). It is not surprising because he already has got caught several times today.
Ayoze Perez (Newcastle Utd) was offside, and the assistant referee saw it and raised his flag.
Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle Utd) wriggles into space inside the box with excellent ball control, but his effort on goal is well blocked.
Sam Ameobi (Newcastle Utd) unleashed a powerful shot that was blocked by a self-sacrificing defender.
A great teamplay by Arsenal as they control the ball with a lot of short passes. Patience is the key if they want to find a gap in the defence to score.
Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) handled the ball inside the box.
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) takes the corner but fails to find any of his teammates as he overhits the effort.
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) didn’t produce a decent free kick for a footballer of his skills. The only target found was the wall of defenders. The ball goes out-of-play. Newcastle Utd are awarded a corner kick.
Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) brings his opponent down with a tackle, and Mike Jones blows a whistle for a foul. Newcastle Utd are given a free kick. Will they create any chance from that?
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) takes the corner kick and sends the ball among the huddle of players inside the penalty area, but one of the defenders clears it to safety.
Newcastle Utd are showing great team-chemistry. They are passing the ball around seamlessly but finally one of the defending players makes an intereception. Good work from Newcastle Utd as they win a corner.
Goal! The corner is whipped in and Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) is in the right place at the right time, planting his header perfectly into the left side of the goal. He makes it 0:2.
Corner kick. Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) will deliver the ball.
Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) comes up with a dangerous chip pass into the box and attempts to set up an ideal shooting position for his teammates, but the effort is intercepted by one of the defenders. The ball is out of bounds. Arsenal win a corner kick.
What a chance by Danny Welbeck (Arsenal) as he produced a stunning snap shot from the edge of the box! The goalkeeper was a bit lucky as the ball went just wide of the right post.
GOAL! Danny Welbeck (Arsenal) jumps high to meet the resulting free kick and nods the ball into the path of Olivier Giroud (Arsenal), who is unmarked inside the box and slots the ball into the back of the net. It’s 0:1.
Mike Jones blows the whistle. Jack Colback (Newcastle Utd) brings one of his opponents down with a harsh tackle. Arsenal will take a free kick nearby the side line.
Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) fails to pick a body out in the box with a over-hit chip pass.
Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) fails to deliver a decent cross from a long-range free kick. The opposition’s defence intercepts the effort.
Yoan Gouffran (Newcastle Utd) jumps into tackle, but Mike Jones blows his whistle for a foul. Arsenal are awarded a free kick.
Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) with a teasing cross into the area, but Tim Krul (Newcastle Utd) intercepts the ball.
The goalkeeper punched the ball away after Ryan Taylor (Newcastle Utd) took the corner.
Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle Utd) attempts to find his teammate with a pass from outside the box, but the opposition’s defence is quick to react and thwarts the attack. Newcastle Utd get a chance to score from a corner kick.
Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) sends a pass into the box, but his attempt is thwarted and cleared.
Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) takes the corner which is cleared.
Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) has a shot blocked from inside the box. The ball goes behind for a corner. Arsenal will have an opportunity to endanger the opposition’s goal.
Mike Jones has a clear vision and sees a foul from Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle Utd). A free kick has been awarded to Arsenal.
Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle Utd) hasn’t suffered any serious injury which wouldn’t allow him to stay on the pitch. He’s back in the game now.
The game is interrupted now, Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle Utd) picks up a knock and the physio has to come.
Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) is trying to pass the ball into the penalty area but it’s blocked.
The game is interrupted as Ayoze Perez (Newcastle Utd) is flagged for offside.
Yoan Gouffran (Newcastle Utd) flights in the cross, but the defender is alert and clears to safety.
Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle Utd) sends a beautiful cross into the penalty area. The opposition’s defence manages to clear the ball to safety.
Ayoze Perez (Newcastle Utd) receives a good pass just outside the box, unleashes a strike from a promising position, but the shot is thwarted by the defender.
Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) slips past one challenge, but is unable to feed a low pass into the path of his teammates.
Today’s match has just started, enjoy yourself!
The players are out at last! Arsenal will take the kick-off.
Mike Jones was nominated as a referee for this game.
Both teams starting lineups are available at this moment, so you can have a look at them.
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